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Customer requirements:

  • Acquiring original goods and materials;
  • Fair prices without unnecessary markups;
  • Transparent calculation;
  • Observing the delivery timeline;
  • Guaranteeing all the materials and equipment be intact.

Why choose "Selectrenbau":

  • European approach and transparent calculation of the cost of goods;
  • Only the company is responsible for quality of supplied goods and their installation;
  • Budget calculation and selecting an appropriate payment scheme;
  • Goods’ and the materials’ origin verified by the certificates;
  • Delivery in due time;
  • Promptness of the installation;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

The way we work:

  • Selection of materials and equipment according to the architectural and design projects;
  • Price calculation;
  • Determining delivery time;
  • Formal contract agreement signing with prepayment;
  • Formation of the order;
  • Delivery to the object;
  • Signing a Service Acceptance Certificate;
  • Final payment;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

The complete supply of projects by means of our company will help you to avoid many troubles, financial losses related to acquiring the necessary goods.

“Selectrenbau” – complete supply of projects with high quality origin goods at fair prices

Since 2000 “Selectrenbau” has been part of “Select Austria-Ukraine”group of companies. We offer our customers transparent calculation, reasonable prices and original goods and materials. Our supply department is permanently monitoring the prices in the capital, and different regions, and we guarantee competitive prices for domestic and foreign products.

Collaborating with hundreds of Western Europe and USA producers and acquiring the goods directly without intermediaries our company offers a wide range of goods of different price categories.

For almost 20 years our company has been firsthand delivering and installing different groups of goods (construction and finishing materials, furniture, lighting devices, decoration items, electrical equipment). Goods purchased from us are delivered to the site strictly according to the schedule, which enables to complete the project in time and to avoid damaging the materials or goods (which is often the case when the materials are moved around the place because the schedule was not observed etc.).

We are implementing different projects, providing the materials for nonstandard architectural and design concepts of apartments, country homes, cottages, offices, restaurants and hotels, shopping molls and entertainment facilities, etc.

Thanks to “Selectrenbau” the European quality becomes available in Ukraine.