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Turnkey renovation

he hotel industry is a very profitable business, if your hotel is popular and filled with visitors. However, it is difficult to get into this market, which is oversaturated with offers, and difficult to hold the leading positions in it. It is not enough to have a good establishment, it must be different from the similar and be really special. For creation of appropriate image it is necessary to not only maintain the level and the variety of services, but also to create the original design of the rooms, find nonstandard and bold solutions for the restaurant, main hall and corridors, reception zone and other spaces.

When we are going to travel to another country or region on a business trip or for vocation, what is the first thing we should take care of, except tickets? Of course, book a room in the hotel. When selecting a hotel, first of all we pay attention to the exterior, quality of rooms and other details. That is why a regular professional renovation will provide the needed image of this tourist establishment and will help to attract visitors. Every owner of a hotel business strives to ensure the constant customer flow. It can be achieved by creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in order to make a guest feel at home and enjoy vacation.

The renovation of hotel is a worthwhile investment to develop and increase the attractiveness of the business, and not just another expenditure item. The external look of the hotel forms the first opinion in guest’s mind long before one asks at the reception about the availability of free rooms. It happens that it is impossible to correct the negative impression caused by the external look even with a help of restaurant cuisine or attentive service. In order to avoid it, you need a qualitative renovation and only professionals should be entrusted to carry it out. Renovation of the hotel is a responsible and specific kind of work. It is applied to multifunctional premises (rooms, corridors, halls, restaurants, service rooms, etc.), and it requires thecompliance with the requirements for comfort and safety.


"Selectrenbau" has been providing customers with a wide range of renovation and finishing works for hotel business facilities for 16 years. For us, professional renovation is not just a job, but a vocation. We create original interiors that please guests and staff. We carry out works of any complexity, from “face-lifting” renovation and to the complex renovation on the "turn-key" basis. When carrying out works, we use only advanced technologies, professional equipment and tools, reliable finishing materials. It enables us to provide customers with the long-term warranty for all kinds of work..

At “Selectrenbau” you can order not only the renovation of the hotel, but also the full complementation with finishing materials and equipment. Our estimating department systematically monitors prices for works and finishing materials both in Kyiv and in other regions, and due to it we provide customers with fair and competitive prices for all kind of work and materials. We carry out full warranty and post-warranty services. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary finishing materials and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement. We carry out both the renovation of the whole building and of certain parts (in particular rooms, on the floor, in the hall, service rooms, etc.).

Advantages and guarantees:

  • а wide range of renovation and finishing works;
  • individual approach to each customer;
  • use of only professional equipment, reliable materials (eco-friendly, incombustible, fire-proof);
  • control of work stages;
  • optimal quality-to-price ratio, progress payment;
  • official agreement, compliance with undertaken deadlines and responsibilities;
  • We provide a two or three years warranty on carried out works and the full range of post-warranty services.
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