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VENTILATION - fresh air without drafts

VENTILATION - fresh air without drafts

Team of the company SELECTRENBAU has an extensive experience in the design, installation and maintenance of modern ventilation systems of any type. Selectrenbau and our joint Austrian company SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH  sells the entire set of equipment and components for ventilation systems from manufacturer (Germany) "HELIOS VENTILATOREN" for the best prices.

High-quality fans and ventilation systems from Helios Ventilatoren are suitable for projects of any size and purpose: apartments, single family houses, apartment buildings, offices, shopping centers or industrial facilities.

The main objective of any good ventilation equipment is not just to drive air around the building, but to create an acceptable climate, removing stale air with the smells and fumes, blowing in fresh air instead and, in addition, ventilation can heat or cool air for the rooms. For these complex tasks there are following systems:

Controlled ventilation - ventilation equipment, which is set to certain modes, adjusting to the seasons, the weather and temperature conditions inside the building and outside. Also performs removal of stale air with odors, fumes, oil and other harmful elements, giving him fresh treatment instead according to the settings of the system air.

helios-gubrzr-kontroliruyemaya.jpg helios-els-v-60.jpg screenshot-by-nimbus%20(5).jpeg

Central ventilation with heat recovery – an air with dirty smells, moisture and CO2 is removed from the premises, giving off its energy inside the heat exchanger, and then taken out. Fresh and purified air, taking the energy of exhausting air, is supplied to the living space. Thus, the heat exchanger exchanges heat between the withdrawn and supplied air without mixing the air, which saves energy. The company HELIOS VENTILATOREN  also produces enthalpy heat exchangers which allow you to keep not only heat but also moisture indoors. A water contained in the exhaust airmolecules condenses on the working surfaces of the heat exchanger, and then penetrate through the membrane, moisturizing dry feed air. Supply and exhaust air heat exchanger, hermetically divided, eliminates the possibility of the transfer of organic particles and odors.

helios-kwlc-1200-rekuperatsyya.jpg helios-kwl-ec-500-rekuperatsyya.jpg screenshot-by-nimbus%20(6).jpeg

Humidification system for ventilation with heat recovery

The optimum level of relative humidity should be within 40-60% indoors. It is obvious that it is not possible to maintain humidity at the same level year round without the proper equipment. For this problem, there is a system of active humidification. It is easily integrated into already installed ventilation systems with heat recovery. Fresh air passing through the heat exchanger ventilation system absorbs heat energy of the air removed from the building. Then it enters a humidification section where there is an active automatic humidification. By combining ventilation with humidification system, you can achieve maximum comfort in the rooms of the cottage, private homes, offices or commercial premises.

helios-hygrobox-2.jpg helios-hygrobox-5-uvlazhneniye.jpg

Main advantages:

1) Comfort - the optimum temperature and humidity in the building throughout the year;

2) Natural evaporation - not allowed waterlogging of air;

3) UV disinfection system;

4) Full automation of processes;

The main types of ventilation equipment:

1) Window fans: set to single-or double windows, perform removal of air and ventilation of rooms.

2) One-pipe ventilation system: used in bathrooms and toilets, is integrated into the general ventilation of the house.

3) Small fans: wall, ceiling, windows, bathrooms and for small spaces.

4) 3-stage fan with air pressure for simultaneous multi-room ventilation.

5) Axial fans: a high performance, high volume and pressure, are also produced with the explosion-proof housing.

6) Fans with installation on the roof of several types: vertical and horizontal output air, high efficiency, little noise at work.

7) Quiet fans: sound insulation of pipes and channels to ensure quiet, cool and efficient operation.

8) Radial (for installation in channels of circular cross section) and ducted fans (for channels of rectangular cross-section).