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The quality of modern living spaces or a public building is determined by a range of factors. The first thing we pay attention to - the external appearance and interior of rooms. Original, bright and thoughtful solutions always draw the eye. But after beauty we evaluate the comfort. As it is well-known that no matter how admirable the building may seem, if it is uncomfortable, the external beauty loses its importance with the lapse of time. Requirements to each building, and especially to the one used for human habitation, are standard: healthy for life there, temperature, humidity and air purity.

Microclimate problems and their solutions

As city inhabitants spend almost 90% of their lives indoors, and air quality, even outside is far from perfect, the room ventilation takes the great importance. It is needed to fill the lack of oxygen, but not everyone can afford not only a house outside the city, but even a nature trip. The lack of oxygen leads to the deterioration of general state of health, diseases. As a consequence – the loss of health and performance decrement. And ventilation systems and equipment may help here.

For over 16 years the company "Selectrenbau" has been carrying out the project development, installation and maintenance of modern ventilation systems. Since 2000, "Selectrenbau" is a member of the group of companies “Select Austria - Ukraine". This cooperation has opened the access to the European experience of colleagues, collaboration on the projecting and implementation of projects of any complexity, Austrian innovations and technologies in the field of ventilation equipment. Over the years, the company fruitfully cooperates with many international brands, such as: Helios Ventilatoren and Viessmann (Germany), making direct purchases (without intermediaries) and delivery of equipment and component parts directly to customers’ facilities at fair prices. The quality of goods supplied by us is confirmed by international and national certificates and long-term warranty. Thanks to the long-term experience of qualified professionals, we are able to design the ventilation system for a building under construction, or solve problems with ventilation in already finished building of any purpose or square: apartments or individual houses, offices, shopping and entertainment centers, industrial facilities. We know that the main task of absolutely any ventilation equipment is not just a distillation of air in a building, but also the creation of the comfortable environment, removal of stale air with odors and smoke with concurrent aerating of the room with fresh air. In addition, the ventilation fulfills the function of air heating and cooling in rooms.


Modern ventilation systems

We solve all tasks ina comprehensive way and systems of their solving are divided into several types:

  • There is a system of so-called controlled ventilation. It means particular ventilation equipment that is set to different operating modes. It is convenient to change its program depending on the time of year, weather conditions and temperature both outside of the building and inside. Such system also fulfills its main function: exhaust and removal of stale air with odors and contaminations, substituting it with fresh and clean air, treated according to the system settings.
  • Central ventilation with heat recovery – air contaminated with odors, moisture and CO2 is removed from the spaces, giving the energy through the recuperator is exhausted outside. Fresh and purified air, taking the energy of discharged air, is delivered into the room. Thus, the heat exchange between the exhausted and delivered air takes place in the recuperator, air flows are not mixed, thus saving energy.
  • Humidifying system for ventilation with heat recovery - the optimum level of relative humidity indoors should be within 40-60%. Obviously, it is impossible to maintain the humidity at the same level all year round without appropriate equipment. There is an air humidifying system for this purpose. It is easily integrated into already installed ventilation systems with heat recovery. The fresh air passing through the ventilation heat exchanger absorbs the heat energy from the air exhausted out of the building. Then it flows into the humidifying section, where the automatic humidifying takes place. If you combine the ventilation with humidifying system, you can provide the maximum comfort level in the rooms of cottages, private houses, offices or shopping and entertainment centers.

Additional Equipment for ventilation

To improve the indoor climate without ventilation systems, our company offers the installation of other equipment:

  • Window fans - are installed in double or single-casement windows, provide the air outlet and airing of rooms;
  • single-pipe ventilation system – is used in bathrooms and integrated into the central ventilation of the building;
  • compact fans – are suitable for bathrooms and small rooms. There are window, ceiling, wall types;
  • 3-phase fans with air pressure for the simultaneous ventilation of several rooms;
  • xial flow fans - maximum efficiency, large volume and high pressure are also made with explosion-proof case;
  • Fans, installed on the roof of several types – with vertical and horizontal air outlet, increased efficiency, minimal operation noise;
  • quiet-running fans - sound insulation of ducts and pipes, providing the quiet-running of the system;
  • Radial-flow fans (for the installation in circular ducts) and duct fans (for rectangular ducts).

The activity of the company "Selectrenbau" includes the full range of services: we create the project, supply and install the equipment. We work with time-proved and reliable manufacturers of ventilation equipment and our specialists have work experience in this field. Therefore, we guarantee that if you contact us, it will be the right choice and you will be satisfied with the result.

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