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Life in the in the countryside has a lot of undeniable advantages. Especially, when it comes to life in an elegant villa, captivating with style and comfort. The name itself speaks for the degree of presentability of such facility. Villa certainly differs from other buildings by its luxurious interior decoration and exterior finishing, and by surrounding landscape. It is some sort of an island, which corresponds to lifestyle of the owners: their preferences in everyday life and style of decoration. Besides, villa, among other things, is the element of image, which shows the status of the owners and their financial state. Therefore, the construction of a villa is a process which requires special responsibility of a contractor, starting with the development of a project and ending with the installation of lighting fixtures and decoration.

In modern interpretation a villa is a country estate, which has a single conceptual pattern. It can be an understated Scandinavian style, luxurious classics, ultramodern high-tech or soft Mediterranean contours, but in any case, it is always an entire picture, subordinated to the general idea. The work on the creation of a villa starts exactly from the idea. It is like a thread, which binds all the elements: houses, terraces, artificial lakes, swimming pools, arbors, winter gardens, household outbuildings, areas for recreation and sports, objects of landscape design. As a result, each villa gets its own look and individual character, which corresponds to the vision of the owners.

However, no matter how unique the idea is, it will not show its shine and beauty without the skillful implementation. That is why it is so important to choose a construction company that can professionally implement the customer’s ideas. If you value individuality and dream about the amazing villa, then the construction of the author's project from our company is exactly what you need!


The company "Selectrenbau" - construction of villas in compliance with European standards of quality

One of the main activities of "Selectrenbau" is a complex construction on the "turn-key" basis of facilities of luxury segment: villas, mansion houses, country residences. Since 2000 we are a member of the group of companies “Select Austria –Ukraine”. Due to the collaboration with Austrian and German partners we have gotten the opportunity to use the European experience of colleges, advanced technological inventions of Austrian and German construction industry, professional equipment and tools. Together with Austrian colleagues, we provide projecting and construction in accordance with European standards of quality and it allows us to provide customers with long-term warranty for each type of work.

You can order construction works at the company “Selecrenbau” and entrust it the full complementation with needed materials and equipment. Estimating department systematically analyses prices for similar works and materials both in Kyiv and in other regions and due to it we provide customers with absolutely fair and competitive prices. As we undertake the full supply of the facility with necessary materials and works, the company bears the shared responsibility for its impeccable implementation. We directly purchase foreign and domestic materials only from time-proved manufacturers and it allows us to follow the schedule stipulated in the official agreement.

We carry out the full range of construction works - from geological-engineering works and geodetic works to the interior decoration and land improvement on the basis of author's architectural and design concepts. Extensive knowledge and skills of specialists allow constructing luxury class buildings from all kinds of material - brick, wood, framing and other materials. The company "Selectrenbau" has its own construction teams of specialized experts. Their participation at the construction stages of the facility guarantees the smooth works’ carrying out at the site and competent execution of the tasks stipulated in the agreement.

Stages of construction

Construction of a villa, a country residence or a mansion house is carried out according to a specific algorithm calculated on an individual basis. However, it must necessarily include the following steps:

  • Projecting

It includes thorough development of an idea and its transfer in the form of diagrams, drawings, digital characteristics onto the paper. The architectural project consists of introductory report, plans of the building foundation, floors in sections, descriptions of utility systems, structure of roofing, design project of interior and facade, specifications and cost estimates. It is complemented with the landscaping project, which involves the landscape design;

  • Laying of the foundation

It is performed on the basis of data obtained as part of the geological studies of soil and groundwater occurrence. It is calculated taking into account the load from the intended construction;

  • Construction of walls

It is carried out by experienced stone masons, concrete workers and steel fixers, depending on the material being used, with application of the innovative technologies. In addition the provision with required materials by the company allows performing work in accordance with the stipulated time limits;

  • Installation of a roof

It is regulated by the details of the project and depends on the type of construction and the materials being used. The supporting structures are developed taking into account the intended load, so called "snow cap" in winter;

  • Installation of utility system

Corresponds to the engineering project and involves the laying of mains (electricity, water, heating, sewerage, air conditioning, ventilation, video surveillance, Internet), as well as installation of needed infrastructures for users (switches, sockets, lighting fixtures, TV and Internet access points);

  • Finishing works

Provides a range of activities, the implementation of which give the building a complete inside (laying of floor covering, decoration of walls and ceiling) and outside view (finishing and insulation of the facade);

  • Land improvement

It involves the development of the landscape design project, including artificial lakes, swimming pools, small architectural forms, fences, rest areas, selection of plants. Taking into consideration the laying of required utility systems (lighting, irrigation, security system). They are implemented simultaneously with the construction.

If customers contact the company "Selectrenbau", they receive a range of professional services required for the construction of villa and mansion house or country residence on the "turn-key" basis.

Advantages of "Selectrenbau":

  1. Author's projects with original design that blend harmoniously into the natural landscape.
  2. Use of innovative technologies and materials.
  3. Three-stage control (foreman / project author / director) at all stages.
  4. Fair prices for materials and serviced with European quality, progress payment.
  5. Official agreement.
  6. warranty on carried out works and post-warranty service.

We know how the villa, mansion house or country residence, which is worthy of the status of our customers, should look like. We build the facilities that you can be proud of!

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